A Wedding Full of Laughter // Scott & Lauren

Do you know what my favourite part of a wedding is? It’s the laughter. The pure joy between bride and groom, between the best of friends who make up some amazing wedding parties, and all the inside jokes and little jabs and funny moments I get to experience and capture as I spend one of the best days of your life with you. That’s my favourite and I absolutely LOVE being a part of it!

This wedding was definitely full of laughter. My husband was a groomsman and so this was one of his best friends growing up which made all the laughter even more special to me. Scott and Lauren were so much fun to work with and as a second shooter I was able to really capture all of those candid moments. And there were a lot of them! I think they picked the perfect colour scheme for their wedding considering Lauren is one of the happiest and positive person that I know, yellow suited both of them!

I hope you enjoy the laughs and wedding day bliss, I know I still do when I go through these pictures! Seriously though, I loved all the personalities that complete shone through my camera! It was such a fun wedding!