I got married very young. I really didn't have a style for myself let alone a whole wedding. I had no vision and a very small budget and so I just went with what was cheapest and "good enough". I found pinterest a month after I got married and I realized what I had missed out on. Eight years later and it's still a touchy subject for me. I have always wanted to replan my wedding and I joke with my husband that I'll have my dream wedding with my next husband. He knows I love him though so it's okay! 

Anyway, I realized that I didn't have to wait until my second wedding to redo my wedding, I could just do it for the fun of it. And it was FUN! So much fun. A little stressful at times, but that's all a part of wedding planning right? I am so excited to take you on this journey of my wedding redo. The moments that I wasn't able to recreate will be filled in with my words, I hope I can paint you that perfect picture.

First, I would get ready in my own home, with all my ladies with me. We would laugh and get our hair done and it would be super relaxed. We'd all have cute matching floral robes. Somebody probably forgot theirs (something has to go wrong right?!). As our hair and make up was getting done, another photographer would be over with the groom and groomsmen, taking their getting ready photos too. I'd love to be able to see what that was like for him, surrounded by his best friends, teasing each other and laughing, getting him pumped up for the day. One of them definitely forgot to iron their shirt. 

After everyone was ready we would meet at our temple for our first look. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so that is where we get married. Since I'm keeping my groom the same I know he wouldn't tear up when he looked at me but he would smile and either make a silly comment or tell me how amazing I look. I'd pretend to be embarrassed, but really I love compliments so I'd tell him to say more nice things! We'd have a little moment between just the two of us and then we would start taking our portraits and wedding party pictures. The more I learn about weddings the more I realize how important it is to do the pictures before the ceremony, it's much less stressful and better for your guests. Of course I would hire an amazing photographer who is also working with a second shooter, we've got to have those angles! And I would want some more of my dress and bouquet showcase. I'm all about those little details.

After the pictures we would meet up with our family and do the family portraits, making sure we get every shot on our list. I'd be so much more organized and I'd actually have a list of all the groupings! Then we would have a beautiful backyard wedding. It would be June and not too hot yet. My mom lives on a gorgeous property so I would do it there. With string lights up everywhere and a pergola for our ring ceremony so those who couldn't come to the temple could still see us exchange our vows. My sister-in-law sang as we walked down the isle the first time and I would definitely have her sing again, this time accompanied by a cellist.  

We would stand under our beautiful, minimalist archway and this time I would have remembered to prepare something to say. Yes you read that right. The first time I forgot I had to say something so I have no idea what I said, I probably made some jokes and then something mushy. We would have exchanged vows just before sunset and then whisked away during a "cocktail" hour so that we could get some beautiful sunset pictures on the lake. Then we would have made our way back to join our guests as all the twinkle and bulb lights came on and we sat down to our catered dinner, with table settings that I carefully planned out and probably DIY'd the heck out of. We would eat and mingle and laugh as the speeches start and we laugh and cry as our best of friends and family say sweet and ridiculous things about us. 

Then the party would start, first dance with my hubby, dance with my daddy and then the real fun begins! We cut into our cake, which would be a large strawberry shortcake with whipped cream instead of icing. My husband doesn't like cake but he loves strawberry shortcake! I would throw the bouquet and garter because I'm also a sucker for tradition and I wouldn't be able to not do those fun little things. At the reception we would have a candy table, a huge one because my that is my husband's favourite treat. He loves all things candy and so I would have put that together as a surprise for him. That is also where I'd find him the rest of the night! We would spend the night dancing and eating yummy desserts and celebrating our love. We would have a Chinese lantern send off (think Tangled) as we left as newlyweds off to our honeymoon. 

And the pictures would be beautiful. And I would hire a videographer. And we'd live happily ever after (until our first fight of course!). I would love to hear about your weddings! Is there anything you would change? If not, tell me all your details, I LOVE weddings... I think I'm in the right industry! And if you are currently planning a wedding, send me a message and tell me all about it, I seriously hope all of your wedding dreams come true and you can remember them forever and not change a thing, especially your wedding photographer!

This styled shoot could not have happened without some very important people!

This to-die-for dress is from Lea-Ann Belter Bridal

Hair by Nicole Clement

Model Schacel Despres @schacel

Groom is my handsome husband!

Flowers, decor, table setting, cake, and menu all done up by yours truly. I love wearing my photographers hat but I also love to decorate and this was such a fun creative outlet for me... even if the cake didn't turn out quite as I pictured!