A Second Chance Wedding // Ron and Tracey

A throw back to one of my very first weddings as a photographer. I was just starting out and my dad gave me a chance. Unfortunately my parents parted ways but fortunately both were able to find love again. My dad and his bride Tracey let me capture their special day. It's risky allowing a new photographer to be the lead at a wedding but I have always remained grateful for the learning opportunity. I recently had a conversation with him and still to this day they love their pictures, which means the world to me. 

Their wedding was beautiful and we had a gorgeous sunset after a rainy day. It was kind of a symbol of their lives. They are each others sunset after a rainy day. Is that too cheesy? Even if it is, I'm a sucker for sap!  They are still just as in love, if not more, than the day they got married and that is what I love to see!