Hey there!

I’m Sara Whitsitt! Most days you can find me in work out clothes (even if I don’t always work out), messy bun and bare feet even though I complain that my feet are cold all the time. I am a momma to three crazy people who definitely inherited my bold spirit and goofy personality. I love to sing and dance although one of those I do horribly and the other I do very silly-ily. You will find out which is which when I take your picture because I promise you I have no shame and will do anything to help you have a good time in front of the camera because I am always having a blast behind it!

I am mostly known for my ability to plan a great themed party, I go all out for little details! Someone once described me as the human embodiment of Pinterest and I took that as a huge compliment! Making my home beautiful is one of my favourite things to do, I love a good DIY project and have developed so many hobbies over the years. Not all have been successful or pretty (you should have seen some of my failed cake attempts!) but I had fun trying. When I’m not behind the camera you can find me running around my neighbourhood and squeezing in races between wedding weekends. I will also often be in front of the tv binge watching Survivor, Once Upon a Time, the Office, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine which are my top five favourite shows. I’m also terrible at math.

Speaking of Survivor, it is my absolute favourite show and since they opened it up to Canadians it has become a real dream of mine to be selected to play the game!

I am always in the mood for ice cream.

Anything that says “salted caramel” will have me proposing to it in no time. McDonald’s French fries and Papa John’s garlic knots are the savoury things that I crave the most. Now I think I need to take a break to eat. I’m always hungry.


Here are five more things about me I bet you’re just dying to know:

If you’re still here then I think we may be the perfect fit for each other! I’d love to connect with you! Head over to my CONTACT ME page, or email me at whitsitt.sara@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @lightandlove.photo to get to know me even better!