I'm Sara, lifestyle and wedding photographer located in the Waterloo Region but to be honest, I am up for travelling anywhere in the world! Photography has always held a special place in my heart, and evidence of that includes the thousands of pictures I took as a teenager. I printed them out in little squares and glued them to my wall in a checkered pattern and I ended up having an entire wall covered in pictures. My mom cursed me after I moved out and she had to repaint my room! I loved having the memories! And while I no longer encourage the printing out of pictures on photo paper with you home office computer, I loved having my pictures visible and will encourage you to have a hard copy of your pictures!

My love for photography continued into adulthood and into motherhood, and my three kids now know that mommy will ALWAYS be taking pictures of them and they, for the most part, tolerate me. On a more serious note, I have been inspired by the beauty of each place I have lived in over the years and by the people I have met, I started learning and practicing and eventually making my passion into a business. I feel honoured to capture each couple's and each family's unique love. I’m a huge sap. Anything romantic I just swoon over, which made wedding photography a really easy choice for me! I prefer to use as much natural light as possible to make your photos look easy and comfortable and beautiful. I believe that no moment is too small. Whether you are cuddling on the couch in your home or on a nature walk with your family or looking at your mother when she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. Small moments make up our lives and our lives are worth capturing. Go ahead and contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like to book a session!

Just a little bit more about me that you probably don't need to know but I'll tell you anyway. I have been a stay-at-home/ work-at-home mom since my son was born 6 years ago. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a hobby-ist. If there is a hobby out there, guaranteed I have tried it. Crocheting, party planning, calligraphy, watercolour, sign making, cake decorating, sewing, you name it. Not all of it was successful or pretty but I had fun trying. Right now I am huge into interior design and home renovations. We moved into a new house and I have completely done it over from top to bottom! I'm a little obsessed with it! I'm also a runner and fitness momma. And I love ice cream. Cookies. Doughnuts. Anything caramel. I also have an addiction to buying bathing suits, pajamas, and work out clothes. I love to read but since I can’t read and edit at the same time, I watch a lot of t.v. Usually the same shows over and over again!

Follow me on Instagram @lightandlove.photo to get to know me better! I use this account as both my personal and business use because I am a classic over sharer and who has time to be constantly switching back and forth from different accounts?