Missy + Kyle // A Golf's Steak House Wedding

Back in October I had the pleasure of photographing Missy and Kyle’s wedding. It was an interesting story, but the short version is that unforeseen circumstances left them without a photographer for the day. My hair and make-up artist friend Jacqueline (Jacqueline Phoenix HMUA) called me on a Saturday afternoon and asked me if I was free to shoot this wedding… today! Luckily I was off that day and after packing up my gear (I had just charged all my batteries the night before) and arranging babysitters for my kids, I was off to the wedding! Within half an hour of the phone call I was there, camera out, ready to help out this bride and groom in any way I could. Jacqueline was a life saver for them, I’m so glad she was there to help them out with this hiccup and that I was free!

This was a wedding where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. However, through it all Missy and Kyle remained calm and just went with it. I was truly amazed and inspired by them. They wanted to celebrate their love and that is what mattered to them! It was also a good lesson, that no matter how much you plan and prepare, there might be things that do not go exactly as you want them. You’re day might have some bumps in it but as long as you remember that the day is about you marrying the love of your life, it can still be perfect!

Missy and the bridesmaids were finishing up getting ready when I arrived and the groomsmen were about to get dressed. They were getting ready all in one location so I was able to zip around the house capturing the final touches of the bride getting ready, some detail shots, and the groomsmen getting their suits on. It was a little hectic when I first arrived but things slowed down a little bit and everyone was able to relax and start enjoying the day!

It also rained! Have no fear brides, if it rains on your wedding day there are so many options. It’s actually considered good luck for it to rain so count it as a blessing. Since it was rainy we went to the CIGI building in Waterloo to take some pictures in front of this beautiful brick wall with the pretty teal shutters. It was a small space but we had a lot of variety with the added benefit of the overhanging roof to sheild us from the rain. The large mirror-like window walls was a great dramatic option, the brick was was perfect, and there was a little ally way with trees that added some green to the day. After we were done taking pictures we went to the Golf’s Steak House where the ceremony and reception were being held. When we arrived things had settled down and we were able to do family pictures and I got some detail shots of the reception before all the guests arrived.

The rest of the day went by so smoothly. The flower girl was adorable, the ceremony was beautiful, and the vows were personalized which meant some funny jokes and strong emotions. My favourite! This couple definitely deserved a smooth day after the chaotic morning and I was so happy to be there with them, watching their love! The weather gave us a little break and after the ceremony I was able to take them outside again. Behind Golf’s Steak House there is a patio with beautiful trees and then some stairs leading down to this little clearing right on the Grand River. You could see the bridge and lots of greenery in the background. It was the perfect spot for them to take a breath together and enjoy of moment of those first moments as husband and wife. This was my favourite part of the day. Being with just them, calm, intimate, with that perfect after-the-rain lighting!

We did eventually go back inside and enjoyed a great dinner, and some truly touching speeches. I was honoured when the father of the bride thanked me for coming on such short notice, it was very sweet of him! I love the speech portion of the night, especially at this wedding since I didn’t get the chance to get to know Missy and Kyle leading up to their wedding day, I got to know them the day of and it was wonderful! They have so many friends and family who love them and that is always amazing to see. The rest of the night was partying and this group knew how to party! I had such a blast breakin’ it down on the dance floor. So just a heads up to all my 2019 brides, you will see me bust multiple moves at your wedding!

After I was done for the night Missy changed into her pajamas so I know that we were meant to be friends! I loved that she had thought of that little detail and was ready to really let loose and enjoy the rest of her day as comfortably as possible.

New idea: a line of wedding gowns made out of flannel?! Pajama gowns, coming to a town near you!

Happy wedding day Missy and Kyle!

Contest Winners // Alex + Evan + Del

First off, I love hosting photoshoot giveaways. Not just because I tend to boost my following but also because I get to meet really great people who I might not have met otherwise! When I first relaunched my business I held a giveaway for Southern Ontario. My existing followers did a great job of spreading the word and trying to get my name out there! It’s so hard to start over in a new city and so this photoshoot giveaway was the perfect opportunity to spread the word that I’m back and I’m here in the KW area!

*Fun fact: I actually grew up in Cambridge! I love being back in the tri-city area, especially since we are so central to so many great locations for pictures and amazing wedding venues!*

After my giveaway closed I entered everyone’s names into a random generator and I got the cutest little family! Alex and Evan are engaged (and hadn’t done engagement photos yet) and they have the cutest little baby girl Del, who just melted my heart. I’m such a sucker for chunky cheeks! Plus they also brought their fur baby along and we got to capture the whole family as well as sneak in some engagement photos!

I love how these turned out, they were so much fun to work with! We went to Victoria Park which is a really popular location for pictures because there is so much variety and beautiful landscape, but since I’m new to this area, I haven’t done any shoots there yet! I loved it! I love all the bridges and the willow tress and the klittle creek. I’m definitely excited to shoot there again!

Usually there are a few jitters at the beginning of the shoot when we’re first meeting and start taking some pictures, but not this time. Alex was a pro and you could tell that Del was comfortable in front of a camera! Evan was great and they all took direction so well and were just such a joy to photograph. I love seeing the relationships and personalities in front of the camera. Seeing the love that Alex and Evan had for each other and for Del was so cute and I had so much fun that we definitely spent more than an hour taking pictures! It’s so hard for me to stop when I’m having so much fun!

A Golden Engagement // Erin + Dan

Okay, how is it that I am pretty good at keeping up with my personal blog but when it comes to my professional blog and drag my feet? Anyway, that’s just been on my mind lately!

Back in September I booked my first wedding since rebranding and relaunching my photography business here in Waterloo! I was super excited to meet Erin and Dan, they were so easy going and relaxed, it was definitely a good start to working in this area! It’s always hard to start building this kind of business again and again and so I’m super excited that we are in the Kitchener Waterloo area to stay and I can develop lasting relationships in the wedding industry here and meet new, amazing clients!

So after booking, the fun begins! Erin and Dan are having a Niagara wedding next year and although they are excited, Erin had originally dreamed of getting married under a big tree before they fell in love with the Niagara vineyards (which are super timeless and a very good choice for weddings!). So her only request as far as locations went for their engagement shoot was a big tree. She still wanted to have those pictures so I kept that in mind as I looked for places.

While I was looking, I had volunteered to photograph a small race in Cambridge at Riverbluffs Park. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw these beautiful willow trees and I immediately thought of Erin! Plus the Slit Barn is really close to Riverbluffs Park and that is also an excellent spot for pictures (and weddings!). We met up there and although it was a little bit chilly, they powered through and we had a fun time and they got to watch me climb and jump and hide in bushes!

This is why I love engagement sessions and despite the advice to take the out of my wedding packages, I leave them in because I love this opportunity I get to work with a new couple. It helps me get to know how they photograph and how they work in front of the camera. It helps them warm up to me and get to know my style of shooting and be more comfortable in front of the camera on wedding day. So my advice as a wedding photographer is to do an engagement shoot with your photographer!!! I promise it’s worth it and you’ll get some really fun pictures. Some of my favourite pictures are still my engagement photos, even though that was 9 years ago and we rocked the white shirts and jeans!

An Apple A Day // Fall Mini Sessions

I love fall mini sessions. If Christmas was in the fall it would be my favourite season ever but because Christmas is in the winter, I’m torn. Anyway, I love hosting fall mini sessions especially because here in Ontario we have (in my totally unbiased opinions) THE best orchards ever. If you don’t believe me just take a look below!

I am new to the area of Kitchener-Waterloo so it made sense to host some mini session for my first fall as a photographer here! I had so much fun with these families, my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much! I can’t wait to do them again next year!

I was able to shoot at Martin’s Family Farm and it was the perfect locations for fall pictures. As much as I love the changing leaves, nothing screams fall to me like an apple orchard. How awesome are those red apples on these trees? It was absolutely perfect. It was a chilly day sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy but it all worked out so well.

After such a successful season and a lot of happy families, I can’t wait to have these mini sessions again next year!

A Miller Lash Wedding // Zena + Warren

I had an awesome time second shooting for Ben Kane Photography! It was such a beautiful wedding and one of the most relaxed couples! They were calm and very breezy the whole day. They went with the flow of things and just made it so easy to capture their love. Their venue was absolutely gorgeous! Any brides planning a Toronto wedding really should look into the Miller Lash House. The grounds are beautiful and so many photo locations. The old house is stunning and the ivy wall behind the steps to the ceremony creates a stunning backdrop!

For an Ontario summer wedding it was perfect. A little sunny during the reception but then it started cooling off and cocktail hour had the most beautiful lighting! I was in photographer’s heaven. Working with Ben was such a great experience, he really encouraged me to be an active participant! I really enjoyed working with him!

The day went by without a hitch and the dinner was awesome. I would classify it as “upscale food truck” They had four stations around the room, each with different kinds of food that came in it’s own serving dish. It was a great idea and the food was delicious! The people at Miller Lash House worked seamlessly throughout the evening and I cannot recommend them enough! I really hope I get to work as a wedding photographer there so any Toronto brides, keep that in mind!

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I loved taking them!