A Golden Engagement // Erin + Dan

Okay, how is it that I am pretty good at keeping up with my personal blog but when it comes to my professional blog and drag my feet? Anyway, that’s just been on my mind lately!

Back in September I booked my first wedding since rebranding and relaunching my photography business here in Waterloo! I was super excited to meet Erin and Dan, they were so easy going and relaxed, it was definitely a good start to working in this area! It’s always hard to start building this kind of business again and again and so I’m super excited that we are in the Kitchener Waterloo area to stay and I can develop lasting relationships in the wedding industry here and meet new, amazing clients!

So after booking, the fun begins! Erin and Dan are having a Niagara wedding next year and although they are excited, Erin had originally dreamed of getting married under a big tree before they fell in love with the Niagara vineyards (which are super timeless and a very good choice for weddings!). So her only request as far as locations went for their engagement shoot was a big tree. She still wanted to have those pictures so I kept that in mind as I looked for places.

While I was looking, I had volunteered to photograph a small race in Cambridge at Riverbluffs Park. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw these beautiful willow trees and I immediately thought of Erin! Plus the Slit Barn is really close to Riverbluffs Park and that is also an excellent spot for pictures (and weddings!). We met up there and although it was a little bit chilly, they powered through and we had a fun time and they got to watch me climb and jump and hide in bushes!

This is why I love engagement sessions and despite the advice to take the out of my wedding packages, I leave them in because I love this opportunity I get to work with a new couple. It helps me get to know how they photograph and how they work in front of the camera. It helps them warm up to me and get to know my style of shooting and be more comfortable in front of the camera on wedding day. So my advice as a wedding photographer is to do an engagement shoot with your photographer!!! I promise it’s worth it and you’ll get some really fun pictures. Some of my favourite pictures are still my engagement photos, even though that was 9 years ago and we rocked the white shirts and jeans!

A Miller Lash Wedding // Zena + Warren

I had an awesome time second shooting for Ben Kane Photography! It was such a beautiful wedding and one of the most relaxed couples! They were calm and very breezy the whole day. They went with the flow of things and just made it so easy to capture their love. Their venue was absolutely gorgeous! Any brides planning a Toronto wedding really should look into the Miller Lash House. The grounds are beautiful and so many photo locations. The old house is stunning and the ivy wall behind the steps to the ceremony creates a stunning backdrop!

For an Ontario summer wedding it was perfect. A little sunny during the reception but then it started cooling off and cocktail hour had the most beautiful lighting! I was in photographer’s heaven. Working with Ben was such a great experience, he really encouraged me to be an active participant! I really enjoyed working with him!

The day went by without a hitch and the dinner was awesome. I would classify it as “upscale food truck” They had four stations around the room, each with different kinds of food that came in it’s own serving dish. It was a great idea and the food was delicious! The people at Miller Lash House worked seamlessly throughout the evening and I cannot recommend them enough! I really hope I get to work as a wedding photographer there so any Toronto brides, keep that in mind!

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I loved taking them!

A Vintage Inspired Winter Wedding // Castle Rose Events

I was asked to be the photographer for my friend Mimi of Castle Rose Events, along with Jenna Merrill to capture her vision for the perfect winter wedding in Kingston, Ontario. It was beautiful. everything from the wedding dress to the venue. Mimi had carefully planned out little details to inspire future brides who were getting married in the winter. I loved being a part of this collaboration, and even though it was cold, we definitely get some great material for everyone involved.

Inspiration from this photoshoot came from the royal wedding and I LOVE the fascinators so much! It is a great alternative to the veil while still having that bride feel. The mixed shades and designs of bridesmaid dresses definitely adds character to your wedding and let’s your best friends show off a little of their personalities.

Summer may be the busiest time of the ear for weddings but don’t discount a winter wedding! There is something about the chill in the air and the crisp white snow that I love about an Ontario winter wedding!

Vendor Love

Coordinator: Mimi Merrill of Castle Rose Events

Dresses: Bridal Creations & Murano’s Formalwear

Venue: Secret Garden Inn

Fellow Photographer: Jenna Merrill

A Second Chance Wedding // Ron and Tracey

A throw back to one of my very first weddings as a photographer. I was just starting out and my dad gave me a chance. Unfortunately my parents parted ways but fortunately both were able to find love again. My dad and his bride Tracey let me capture their special day. It's risky allowing a new photographer to be the lead at a wedding but I have always remained grateful for the learning opportunity. I recently had a conversation with him and still to this day they love their pictures, which means the world to me. 

Their wedding was beautiful and we had a gorgeous sunset after a rainy day. It was kind of a symbol of their lives. They are each others sunset after a rainy day. Is that too cheesy? Even if it is, I'm a sucker for sap!  They are still just as in love, if not more, than the day they got married and that is what I love to see!


One of my biggest goals as a photographer is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I want to know how you feel, if you're awkward or you'd rather be serious than smiley or the other way around. It helps me capture YOU if I know what you're feeling. When I took these bridals of my model in a gorgeous dress provided by Lea-Ann Belter Bridal, the first thing she told me was that she felt so much more comfortable smiling, and that she always felt a little awkward trying to smolder. This made our session so smooth. I knew how she was feeling and I knew that the more she was smiling, the better images I would capture. 

So my advice to you is BE YOURSELF! I'll be my goofy self behind the camera if you need help laughing, I'll tell you how to pose if you feel unsure of what to do, I'll be quiet in the background if a beautiful moment is unfolding. The pictures we capture together will look the best if we are all just who we are, and not trying to recreate something that doesn't suit your personality. That way you recognize the person in the picture! 

Dress: Lea-Ann Belter Bridal, Toronto, Ontario

Model: Shavonne (@shavonnemelissa)

Hair: Nicole Clement (@your.hair.guru)

Bouquet: The New Leaf, Toronto, Ontario

Location: Scarborough Bluffs