At Home Photography // The Nabrotzkys

Life with a newborn can be a big adjustment. Life with multiple kids and a newborn is chaotic. This beautiful family just brought their third baby girl home from the hospital and they are living in new territory now. That third baby is a game changer! 

They knew they wanted pictures but the thought of actually getting everyone dressed and happy and out of the house for some on location pictures seemed a little daunting. I suggested we do a lifestyle session in their own home to make it easier and more comfortable for everyone. They didn't need to worry about packing snacks, changes of clothes, diapers, soothers, or drinks. I just came over to their house in the morning and after a quick nursing session we were able to begin. 

Letting the girls show me around their house and having them help me with the baby and with taking the pictures involved them in a fun way so they didn't feel too much like they were being asked to sit still and smile the whole time. We were able to go into the nursery and play in the living room and take as many potty and nursing breaks as necessary!

It was so much fun to watch the little girls just love their baby sister. Seeing Dad play with his daughters just melted my heart. Watching mom care for her three babies and giving them each the attention they needed is why I love what I do. Family photography, especially in home lifestyle sessions, brings me into your world and gives me a glimpse of your life and lets you cherish these moments forever!


One of my biggest goals as a photographer is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I want to know how you feel, if you're awkward or you'd rather be serious than smiley or the other way around. It helps me capture YOU if I know what you're feeling. When I took these bridals of my model in a gorgeous dress provided by Lea-Ann Belter Bridal, the first thing she told me was that she felt so much more comfortable smiling, and that she always felt a little awkward trying to smolder. This made our session so smooth. I knew how she was feeling and I knew that the more she was smiling, the better images I would capture. 

So my advice to you is BE YOURSELF! I'll be my goofy self behind the camera if you need help laughing, I'll tell you how to pose if you feel unsure of what to do, I'll be quiet in the background if a beautiful moment is unfolding. The pictures we capture together will look the best if we are all just who we are, and not trying to recreate something that doesn't suit your personality. That way you recognize the person in the picture! 

Dress: Lea-Ann Belter Bridal, Toronto, Ontario

Model: Shavonne (@shavonnemelissa)

Hair: Nicole Clement (

Bouquet: The New Leaf, Toronto, Ontario

Location: Scarborough Bluffs