A Golden Engagement // Erin + Dan

Okay, how is it that I am pretty good at keeping up with my personal blog but when it comes to my professional blog and drag my feet? Anyway, that’s just been on my mind lately!

Back in September I booked my first wedding since rebranding and relaunching my photography business here in Waterloo! I was super excited to meet Erin and Dan, they were so easy going and relaxed, it was definitely a good start to working in this area! It’s always hard to start building this kind of business again and again and so I’m super excited that we are in the Kitchener Waterloo area to stay and I can develop lasting relationships in the wedding industry here and meet new, amazing clients!

So after booking, the fun begins! Erin and Dan are having a Niagara wedding next year and although they are excited, Erin had originally dreamed of getting married under a big tree before they fell in love with the Niagara vineyards (which are super timeless and a very good choice for weddings!). So her only request as far as locations went for their engagement shoot was a big tree. She still wanted to have those pictures so I kept that in mind as I looked for places.

While I was looking, I had volunteered to photograph a small race in Cambridge at Riverbluffs Park. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw these beautiful willow trees and I immediately thought of Erin! Plus the Slit Barn is really close to Riverbluffs Park and that is also an excellent spot for pictures (and weddings!). We met up there and although it was a little bit chilly, they powered through and we had a fun time and they got to watch me climb and jump and hide in bushes!

This is why I love engagement sessions and despite the advice to take the out of my wedding packages, I leave them in because I love this opportunity I get to work with a new couple. It helps me get to know how they photograph and how they work in front of the camera. It helps them warm up to me and get to know my style of shooting and be more comfortable in front of the camera on wedding day. So my advice as a wedding photographer is to do an engagement shoot with your photographer!!! I promise it’s worth it and you’ll get some really fun pictures. Some of my favourite pictures are still my engagement photos, even though that was 9 years ago and we rocked the white shirts and jeans!

RARE- Walk/Run

This phrase has been going around my photographer group, “October is to photographers like April is to accountants.” It has been a busy month and I am not complaining! But it does mean that I am behind in my blogging. Editing and delivering photos takes precedence over blogging and marketing right? Yes.

Anyway, at the very end of September I volunteered at a Walk/Run in Cambridge for an organization called Rare, you can visit their site here for more information! They were raising money to preserve land and wildlife in our region. It is a great cause and they used the slogan #turnthemapgreen and it worked! Every $2 raised protected 1 square meter of land, which is awesome!

I had a lot of fun and it was a good experience for me because I’m usually the one running in these events. It was cool to see the behind the scenes action and get a feel for what it’s like as a photographer taking pictures of people running. It was a chilly day and luckily the rain held out for us making it the perfect temperature for a run and stroll through the gorgeous river walk trail starting at River Bluff Park in Cambridge!

Thank you to everyone who organized the event, donated, and participated! I love the community in our region and I loved being able to give a little bit back and meet some new people along the way!